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Cute NFT.

Japanese illustrator/creator

❤I love rabbits❤

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Japanese NFT Creator
I love cute rabbits all over the world.
There are a lot of risks involved in becoming a real rabbit owner, but just having an Illust rabbit in your smartphone can help you become a wonderful family member who will heal you.
Currently, I am using my favorite rabbit as a character called ♥Rabiko♥ and I am flying around SNS as a partner.






mogumogu Rabbit

About Me

Among them, I actively participate in things related to illustrations found on the net. NFTs are sold at opensea/xrpcafe/HEXANFT/Rarible. We also sell AI illustrations. I am also studying 3D creation software. *HEXANFT is a Japanese NFT market.
Sold more than 10 NFT illustrations in 3 months. Secondary distribution available.
♥Rabiko♥ and I sell NFTs and merchandise separately.
The latest information is posted on each X(Twitter) and Instagram.

We are selling only one piece, not a collection. It is currently on sale at Polygon, but if you wish, we can also sell it at ETH/tezoz/xrpl/yen. You can get a quick reply if you contact us via reply or DM on X (Twitter), but you can also do it

Rabbit in the LovePalace

A shocking movie to be released at the end of 2022 in the rabbit world.
A new attempt in which the main rabbit only appears for 30 seconds in the first half and 5 minutes in the second half.
Rabbit world movie theater total mobilization record high.
Recorded the highest ever streaming distribution viewing record after the movie ended.
This article introduces the synopsis of the movie divided into 14 episodes. With director's comments at the end.