Introducing ♥Rabiko♥'s profile and meeting the caretaker

お花とイチゴが大好きで、ニンジンが大嫌い。背中にハートの模様があります。​ 手作り品や可愛いものが趣味で、お隣さんのネコの★ねこみ★さんと一緒にネットで楽しいことを探しています。ネザーランドドワーフの種族の女の子うさです。​​
She loves flowers and strawberries, and hates carrots. There is a heart pattern on her back.​ Her hobbies are handmade items and cute things, and she looks for fun things to do on the internet with her neighbor's cat, ★Nekomi★.A female rabbit from the Netherland dwarf race. ​

NFT Illust

In bright colors, there is an anniversary series that lets you feel the seasons taken in ♥Rabiko♥'s fun rabbit land, a Sticker series with cutouts of ♥Rabiko♥'s friends, and a cheering series with close-ups of ♥Rabiko♥ that give you a sense of energy. This is an NFT work that you can enjoy.







Rabbit World

♥Rabiko♥ is always having fun in Rabbit World.

Introducing the scenery where ♥Rabiko♥ lives, houses, town scenes, etc., with illustrations and simple explanations. Please come to the country of relaxing and relaxing rabbits ♬

Rabbit Items

We have a variety of items including ♥Rabiko♥ designs and Usa's cute one-point designs.

♥RABIKO♥ Journal

♥Rabiko♥ is trying out various things. We participate in projects and display selected works at exhibitions.

NFTわかるかも展/未来芸術展2023/銀座NFT画廊展/NFT COLLECTION など、NFTの企画を中心にSNSで行われているイベントに参加しています。
We are participating in events held on SNS centered on NFT projects, such as NFT Understanding Exhibition/Future Art Exhibition 2023/Ginza NFT Gallery Exhibition/NFT COLLECTION.